Empire State Roads


In late 2009, as part of the OpenStreetMap Project, I commenced a systematic review of County Routes in the Capital District of New York, using the County Routes page of Empire State Roads as a guide. In the course of the review, a number of discrepancies have been identified. This page serves as a summary of discrepancies detected to date.

Albany County

Reviewed starting late 2009, ongoing

160Old Niskayuna Road is no longer signed as a CR
Sicker Road on the east side of the Airport is no longer signed as a CR.
161George Street in Green Island is no longer signed as a CR

Rensseler County

Reviewed late 2009/early 2010

8Signed route does not reach NY 150, terminates at Western Road a few hundred feet west of NY 150.
9Short residential stub from NY 150 to trailer park just short of US 9/US 20. Missing from ESR page
17Does not extend to CR 15, ends at Coldwater Tavern Road
19Missing entirely from ESR page
20Does not run all the way to NY 66; east end is at NW corner Burden Lake Country Club (42.591,-73.369)
32Sand Bank Road, from NY 22 to Rensselaer County Highway Department. Missing from ESR page
36Runs the entire length of Main Street, from NY 22 to NY 22. Also includes short segment further south on NY 22 that runs to Berlin Central School.
38Ends at CR 37, does not extend down dead end
40ESR claims this was once part of NY 154, but apparently it was actually Spring Avenue (CR 130) which was once part of NY 154.
79Name is Blue Factory Road, not Blue Factory Hill Road
98Fox Hollow Road is not signed CR 98, nor is it maintained to County Route standards
103A section of Pine Valley Road from Spicer Road (CR 105) running partway to NY 7 (42.866,-73.369) is not maintained to County Route standards and the signage suggests it is no longer a County route. This leaves a gap in CR 103.
110Truncated at CR 113, Otter Creek Road and Longwoods Road are no longer maintained to County Route standard and are not signed CR 110.
123CR 123 ends at Cushmen Road
124Has been truncated on Haughney Road, no longer includes Irish Road and does not reach NY 40
125CR 125 (Stillwater Bridge Road) is missing from the ESR Rensselaer County Routes page
127Ends at CR 124, does not extend to dead end at Hudson River
132Ends at Dearstyne Road, does not extend to NY 351.

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